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Good day turns horribly wrong

A day in the life of me...

Well, Jenny called 12 times this morning, between 11:15 AM and 12:45 PM. I didn't answer her until then because I knew it was her (I've set her incoming calls to a distinctive ring on my cell phone.) and I was dead tired from staying up until 3 AM yesterday due to insomnia.

She wanted to go to The Book Thing, so we went. I got 6 books and she got several stacks of National Geographic magazines.

She wanted to go to the mall after that, so we went. Well, on a side trip prior to the mall, we went over to the Giant. She wanted to buy some canned goods to donate to Mix 106.5's "Stuff A Bus" program. We're in Giant and it's pretty funny. She's sitting there, picking up soup flavors, then putting them back because she doesn't think they'll like that one. I told her, "I don't think the homeless will be picky." I decided to get some Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip granola bars, since I haven't had one in a long time and had a craving the moment I saw them.

Then, when we're going up to donate, she gets cold feet (as usual). For some reason, she doesn't like to be in public or something. I don't know. So I had to donate them all by myself. We got our names on the radio, so that was cool.

Well, we're in the mall and we have something to eat. Then, we're cruising around the mall and she brings up "The Subject": her and computers.

She has this crazy idea that because she's learned everything she knows about computers in the last four years, she's some sort of computer genius. Now, I'm not saying that what she's learned about computers isn't alot, but it's nothing impressive. She also has the idea that she's smarter than me in computers. Well, I'm no computer dummy. She thinks I have delusions of computer god-hood. Now, I never claim to be a genius at computers, but I'm pretty good at them. What she fails to understand is that I grew up on computers. While she was busy ogling Joe McIntyre, I was writing reports and playing games on the old Mac SE/30. I've been on Windows systems and the Internet for six years now, so I believe I'm proficient at them. Well, the thing is that she wants to go into computer programming. I've told her the truth, as I have seen it: She shouldn't go into that field. She doesn't like math and doesn't seem to understand that programming is completely based on math and logic. She also doesn't seem to understand that there is a HUGE difference between computer operation and computer programming. She is quite skilled at operating a computer. I will give her that. The problem, as she sees it, is that I'm not being supportive of what she wants to do. The thing is that I don't want her spending years at something, only to fall flat on her face when she sees what it actually consists of. I know what it consists of and I want to spare her that pain. In that light, I told her to "prove me wrong." If she believes she can do it, I'd like to see it. I would be very glad if she would get a degree in Computer Programming, but I'm realistic and don't think it's a large possibility. Well, she got all up in a huff and doesn't think that she has to prove anything to me. She thinks that I should just support her, no matter what. I don't know what it is with her. She should know by now how I work. From over 18 years of knowing me, she should realize that I don't work on word alone. I need some physical, logical, or factual proof of something before I'll accept it.

Well, harsh words were exchanged and yelling occurred. I was prepared to take my stuff and either walk home or call my parents and get one of them to pick me up. Then, what did Jenny do but what she always does: turns right around and says she's sorry. She's apologizing and saying she didn't mean it, while I'm still frustrated and trying to order my thoughts. She always does this and I hate it. I asked her, "If you didn't mean it, why did you say it?" She never gave a real answer to that one. She's a freakin' emotional roller coaster. Within the span of five minutes, I'll have one or two major emotions. She'll probably have 50. Anyway, she wanted to take me to the movies. I pacified her by going into the place. However, she was intimidated by the amount of people there, but still wanted to see a movie. I looked at the board and the only thing I saw that I was interested in spending my money on was The Matrix: Revolutions. However, the problem with that was that it started at 7 PM and the time then was only 5:15. I wasn't going to wait almost 2 hours for a movie. She was insistant, but I so was I. So, we went to Barnes & Noble and looked at books. I ended up buying one and we went home. I am still frustrated at her and fail to understand her. You'd think that 18 years of knowing her would help, but it doesn't.

Then, she's not answering my calls. I accidentally left my cell phone in her car and I need to get it tommorrow, so I'll have it for Monday. (Note: Anyone sending me a TXT message, an AIM -> TXT message, or a voicemail, I won't get it until I get my phone back.)

Oh, why, oh why does this crap happen to me?

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