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Phone Post: Rambling While Working

931K 4:25
“Hey. It's me again and it's frickin' cold out here. I'm about to get off work. They've got me doing a trash run before I do that, though. Why does every just keep falling? Eh... It's frickin' cold, but I'm glad I'm about to get off work and I'm just being Mr. Happy.
*laughs* I know. Bad thoughts, but... *laughs*
Gonna read more of my Star Trek novel. It's called "Renaissance." It's by Peter David. It's one of the Star Trek: New Frontier ones. The "Excalibur" part, and it's pretty good. Pretty good. I'm almost finished. Probably about two-thirds. Two-thirds done.
I'm just going to go in the store and wait for my parents to pick me up once I'm done this frickin' trash.
Why did it get cold so quick? It's freezin'.
Oh, no! Did they close that door?! No! Oh, whew! Good. I thought they closed the door. I thought I was stuck out here. In the cold.
So, anyway, I'm just bored and thought I'd make a phone post. I've got plenty of these.
What else to talk about? Oh, Jenny's still pissed, for some reason. I put a poll up asking whether I should call her or wait for her to call me. I'm... Knowing her personally, I think I should wait for her to call me, but I'm not sure since this is worse than anything we've ever gone through before. Let's see...
*mockingly* Ah! No! I'm getting run over! No!
Oh... I've gotta read through my friends list, since I haven't checked the friends list in a while. I've probably got like 200 posts to go through. I usually got about 80 per day that I go through. That's including the comic feeds. The comics and what have you. I've probably got like 300 or 400 or whatever, plus the Sev Board, and Misc. Debris, and... oh yeah, and my vampire, and my little Nation State.
No! Don't fall!
Why do I get these online addictions? I've practically ABANDONED my NeoPets. They're a daily thing and I don't have enough time with all my other stuff.
And I'm thinking about just buying a couple of those powers on Vampires. It'll take me SO long to rack up 200, I mean 20,000 coins when you get like 10 or 15. That'll take like SO long.
Ugh... This is ugly. This smells ugly. I hate trash.
Umm... Bored, bored, bored. But, kinda happy bored, and kinda sad bored and I don't know. Just mixed. I'm a mixture of everything, aren't I? I'm just weird, so I think I'll just stop blabbering on about my day and hang up. Bye!”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo
Tags: books, jenny, voiceposts, work

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