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Well, Jenny and I mended our fences on Tuesday. I see her side and she sees mine. We went to the mall. I got two things on my wish list (Elite Force II and Roller Coaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes), so I'm going to update it yet again. However, that screwed my mom up. She was getting me Elite Force II for Christmas and I can't take mine back because it was a used copy.

Tommorrow, my parents are leaving for 3 weeks in Australia and New Zealand. I would like to ask any of you down under if a Verizon cell phone would work down there. Please let me know by 10 AM EST tommorrow (about 10 hours from this post). Thanks. (Also, if you see a balding, bearded guy who looks like Santa, but with a salt and pepper beard rather than white, that'd be my dad. If you see a woman with LONG red hair, that'd be my mom.)

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