Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Hurt Hawk

I found a hawk with a broken wing in the parking lot of the Stop, Shop, and Save. I called the Animal Rescue place. They're coming to pick it up. *prays*

Hawk Update: The Animal Rescue people didn't call me back, so I called them back after I got off work. Apparently, they tried to call me back, but they didn't write the number down correctly, so I didn't get anything. The hawk's fine and is recuperating now.
They said it was a Cooper's Hawk and its favorite food is pigeons and doves. They found a dead pigeon nearby. They constructed a most-likely scenerio. The hawk was chasing a pigeon. The pigeon spooked and went the wrong way, into a wall. The hawk was too massive to turn away and also crashed, breaking its wing, but eating its fill on the ground.
I'm just glad its OK. *feels his good deed for the day is done*

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