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The Answers to my test...

1. Starter: Birthday

09/13/83 (0 points)
12/12/78 (0 points)
03/12/80 (1 points)
05/12/82 (10 points)
04/07/47 (0 points)

The third one is my GF's B-day so I gave a point for it.

2. What's the only band/artist my GF and I agree on?

DC Talk (0 points)
Ace of Base (10 points)
Audio Adrenaline (1 points)
Banarama (0 points)
Weird Al (3 points)

Ace of Base is the one I'm looking for. We both like all their songs. She likes one Audio Adrenaline sone and some Weird Al songs.

3. Pets?
No (0 points)
2 cats, 10 fish, 1 dog, & 1 ferret (0 points)
An iguana & a parrot (0 points)
4 dogs, 6 cats, & 2 ferrets (10 points)
I live at the zoo. (2 points)

Well, it's KIND OF a zoo... ;-)

4. How did I get the nickname "Memo"?
It's my real name (0 points)
I'm always writing down things on Post-It notes (0 points)
9th grade Spanish class (10 points)
Out of thin air (0 points)
A school friend (5 points)

Thank Richard Schmertzler for this one. Click here for the full story.

5. Favorite Star Trek series?
TOS (1 points)
TNG (10 points)
DS9 (2 points)
Voyager (5 points)
Enterprise (4 points)

Like them all. Gave points in the order I like them.

6. Favorite Star Trek Movie?
2: Wrath of Khan (6 points)
4: Voyage Home (0 points)
6: Undiscovered Country (10 points)
8: First Contact (8 points)
10: Nemesis (2 points)

Similar. I only noticed AFTER I wrote it that they're all even. Heh...

7. Favorite Star Trek book?
Q-Squared (Peter David) (10 points)
Dark Mirror (Diane Duane) (5 points)
Reunion (Michael Jan Friedman) (4 points)
Imzadi (Peter David) (1 points)
Planet X (Michael Jan Friedman) (7 points)

Same as series. Like them all. Gave points in the order I like them.

8. Where did I get my start on the Net?
StarTrekker.net (1 points)
United Empire of Planets (10 points)
Guinan's Bar (6 points)
Maquis Universal (1 points)
Sev (1 points)

Started on the Net in 11th grade by chatting in UEP. This was just AFTER everyone migrated from StarTrekker.net. UEP turned into G's Bar, which was my favorite chat room. It then turned into MU, which is the current incarnation.

9. What college do I currently attend?
Messiah (5 points)
Houghton (0 points)
Drexel (0 points)
Essex Community College (10 points)
Oxford (0 points)

I spent one semester at Messiah, so I gave 5 points to it.

10. Favorite Non-Star Trek Computer Game?
Starcraft (0 points)
Civilization (3 points)
Freedom Force (3 points)
SimTower (3 points)
Half Life (10 points)

This one should've been easy. ;-)
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