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What a day...

On a funny note, we have a resident nut at McDonald's now. What she does is come in and sit for hours, not moving or buying anything. She's vaguely annoying, but easily dismissed and ignored. The problem is that she's loitering and the managers finally got fed up of it going on for about a week. So, they asked her to leave. She refused. So, the managers got an off-duty policeman to ask her to leave. She refused again. That was the point where it was clear she's insane.
She says she owns the place. I told her that unless her name is Jerry Rush and she's a short, balding man with glasses, she does not own the place. She gives me the brush-off. Then, she tells the policeman that her father was in the CIA and that he planted a bomb in the center of the planet. It's linked with her and if she dies, the bomb explodes, destroying the planet. She reads my nametag and tells me that I'm a manager named Mike Burrito. I, therefore, ask her for a raise. She says she's sending $600,000 to my account tonight. I stayed as long as I could. The policeman had called for his squadcar to come pick her up and send her to jail after her full psychological evaluation. However, I had to leave. I really wanted to see her get dragged off. It would have been funny.

On a sad note, one of my good friends from McDonald's has died. Mrs. Delores died of a heart attack on Saturday at 88 years old. She was so nice and so funny. The last thing she said to me was, "Mike, you crack me up!" She will be dearly missed.

On another note, I got four good cards today. Three were Christmas cards. I got one from the Cooks (a nice old family who visits McDonald's every day), one from soaringdragon42, and one from species125 (with a picture!). The other was a card from my parents down in Australia. They're having a lot of fun. I hope they get back safely.

On a further note, I don't want to go to work tommorrow. Reasons to follow.
  • I'd need to wash my uniforms tonight, and I don't want to.
  • Inspection is tommorrow and work will NOT be fun.
  • I ran out of Star Trek novels to read (and, therefore, put a bunch more on my Wish List). Poll below on what I should read next.

Poll #220985 Next Book

Which book should I read next?

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin
Vortex by Jon Land
Reread something you've read before

On a next to last note, I've caught up on my LJ backlog. Quizzes to be posted soon.

On my last note, I'm adding several friends who joined the sevilia community. Whee!
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