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My "prayers" yesterday were "answered" in a way. The day didn't start too well. None of my alarms went off and I woke up at 11 AM (when I'm supposed to be getting at work).
"What woke you up?" you ask.
That's right. I was vomitting all morning. I forgot to call in, but it was pretty much impossible between pukes. Christie, one of the managers, called me and I probably sounded like Hell when explaining why I wasn't coming in today. I was pretty much puking until 1 PM. I really didn't feel that good until about 3 PM, and then, I slept until about 5 PM.
I, then, got up and got dressed and started reading Ender's Game. It looks good and I'm not that far into it. However, I need a new bookmark. My Captain Picard bookmark is falling apart, so I'm breaking out my Dragon one.

Jenny called at about 6 PM and we went to the mall. First, we ate at Friendly's, then walked around the mall. We went to B. Dalton and I got 4 books at their "Going Out of Business" sale. It was 40% off and I made out well.
  • Q-Space by Greg Cox
  • Being Human by Peter David
  • Gods Above by Peter David
  • Stone and Anvil (hardcover with CD-ROM) by Peter David

I wanted to get Do Comets Dream?, but I thought I spent enough and opted not to get it right now.
We also went to FYE. Jenny got 2 CDs there. I got nothing, but went to the Contemporary Christian section and jammed along with some CDs I scanned into their sampler machine. Mr. Ed's 2 daughters, Alyssa and Gillian, saw me at FYE. They were in a rush and didn't get to say "Hi" but told me when they called their dad tonight.
Anyway, the managers are probably going to be pissed at me tommorrow, but whatever. It's not like I like the job anymore. No respect + no pay raises + crappy customers = Not a good job for me.
Anyone interested in me? I've got a resume online.

I'm going to finish up reading my friends page, check out this CD-ROM from the book, then work on Ender's Game.

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