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Yesterday, my mom took me to the mall to return the copy of Elite Force II that I got for Christmas. I went in, gave it to them, they told me I had $30 to kill, so I went around and looked for the one thing I wanted: Tron 2.0 After I looked for about 5 minutes, I finally found it sitting on a bottom shelf on sale for $20. So, I got it and still had $10 to kill. I couldn't get any cash back or anything, so I went looking for something I could kill $10 on. I found Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri for $8, so I got that and a Mirroden booster pack. Add in my discount card and I only had to pay $0.50.

So, I got home and installed Alpha Centauri at about 8 PM. Then, I went to play it to see how much like Civilization it was. I played and played and when I looked up, it was 3 AM! I was SO addicted to it. I only have one problem with the game: The faction I'm most inclined to play is the faction I have the hardest time playing! I mean, I think I'd be most inclined to play as "The Lord's Followers," but their starting point and philosophies retard their technological growth. The "University of Planet" faction is the one most geared towards knowledge, but their ethics are appalling! I do well playing as them, and I guess I have it figured out: Christian beliefs are excellent in your personal life, but crappy when you try to apply them to running a country. Oh well. Back to the game. This time, I think I'll try playing the "Peacekeeping Forces" faction. Using them, I might be able to combine the "Knowledge" and "Fundamentalist" roads into one.

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