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A couple days since I've been on. Stuff has occurred.

Well, on Saturday, Jenny came up. I gave her the five presents we had for her: shell necklace, jewlery box, N64, GameShark 64, and Perfect Dark. She got me the first two books in the Wheel of Time series: The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt. I think that's pretty cool. I've put the rest on my wish list. I'll get to reading them once I've gotten up with all the other books I have.
We went out afterwards and went roller skating at Skateland. It's been about five years for me and about ten for her, so we had to re-learn how to skate. It didn't take us long, though, to get the hang of it back. We skated for about two hours.
Jenny decided her feet hurt, so we went to the mall and went shopping. At EB, I bought another "Wicked Big" Mirroden starter deck and she bought Super Mario 64. She couldn't find any more of the seven original games she had, so we went to The Avenue to see if there was a game store there. There wasn't, so she wanted to head home. On the way, I remembered a GameStop close to the mall, so we went there. She found 3 of the games she wanted and I picked up an old Rampage NES cartridge.
All in all, it was a good day.

I went to Uncle Mark's on Sunday and we had a good time there. I got a couple chapters through my latest book on the way up. We spent a while waiting for Uncle Mark and Aunt Joyce to come back because they were out at the store. Once they got back, we exchanged presents. Everyone got something good. I got a LifeWay gift card for $10. However, I accidentally left it up there when we left. (Uncle Mark, if you're reading this, could you get that back to me somehow?) Anyway, I played on the computer for a while, or at least I tried to. Uncle Mark has put a password on every page. He's super-afraid the kids are going to get into something bad. So he put a password on every page without a rating, then neglected to upload any ratings files from the Net. Now, all they can get into is Hotmail and Microsoft. Oh, and they can use AIM, too. I think that's going a bit overboard. So, I just played around on their cable connection and downloaded and installed some Windows critical updates. Uncle Mark said it was crashing, and I know why. Windows is a piece of junk if you don't continue to update all the time. (Well, it's a piece of junk even then, but it's less junk than it is without the upgrades.) I fixed their MusicMatch, too. They couldn't figure out how to get it to sort the songs by album and track number instead of alphabetically. After that, we all played a "Bob the Builder Memory" game with the kids. That was pretty fun. Afterwards, Uncle Mark taught us how to play "Intercept Uno," which is much more fun than the original way to play. We had to leave then, because my mom had to go to work, so we went home.

I've been working a bit on my backlog and I've almost got it caught up. Only about 300 more LiveJournal posts to go.

Edit: Down to 160, with LOTS of quizzes done. Taking a break to get snacks.

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