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*makes his first "nude" LiveJournal*

Just got finished my "Hour of Power Shower" a couple of minutes ago. (That comes from some of my dorm buds at Messiah College. Thanks go to Jim, Nick,
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Just got finished my "Hour of Power Shower" a couple of minutes ago. (That comes from some of my dorm buds at <a href="http://www.messiah.edu/">Messiah College</a>. Thanks go to <a href="mailto:jh1228@messiah.edu">Jim</a>, <a href="mailto:mailto:XComNick@aol.com">Nick</a>, <a href="mailto:katiero98@excite.com>Aaron</a>, <a href="mailto:salt323@aol.com">Chas</a>, and all the guys from "The Chicken Coop") I'm sitting here drying off in the nude. Anyone want me to turn my WebCam on right now? ;-) The only shampoo we had open was one of those "Herbal Essences" bottles and now my hair smells like a papaya. Oh well. It's better than smelling like sweat. I feel good and clean-shaven. :-) Oh, I also found out something today. When you don't have access to shaving cream, I've found out a good alternative. Take some regular soap and one of those "puffball" shower thingies and make some serious soap suds. Stick them on and shave. I love my ingenious ideas. :-)

I'm currently considering taking <a href="http://www.geocities.com/mrmemo_99/">my Web Site</a> down for a while and completely revamping it, since it's been basically the same thing since 1998, with only minor visual updates here and there.

Question: If I decide to do this, should I do frames in the site? I'm asking this question because I like frames for navigation in other sites, but I suck at making them. It would take a lot longer to do then and my site would be down for a longer time, but it would make for easier navigation once I'm done. Feedback please.

*listens to song playing* I <b>SWEAR!!!</b> It's on random! This is not on purpose!
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