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Well, userfriendlyrss is pretty much dead, so I'll be deleting it from my list soon.

The new icons seem to be a hit, as 2 people so far have picked up a few of them: erbkaiser and queenmartina. Edit: trekoholic also recently picked one up.

I'm still trying figure out what to do with my journal layout. I like the way Generator does comments, but I'm starting to like certain features of other styles. Maybe a blend...
As for colors, I'm starting to gel on a scheme, but I'd need to define my layout first.

I'm currently annoyed at AudioScobbler for its pages being slightly too wide for the browser.

Well, I'm pretty sick of my job. We've got an inspection tommorrow. John told me to scrub down the walls and the basin, and some other stuff. Well, I begin scrubbing down the walls, and the paint comes right off! Well, I, in essence, had to de-paint the entire wall to make it not look stupid. However, it wasn't that bad. All I had to do was point the sink hose at the wall and the stuff just peeled off into the basin and sink.
Anyway, I'm sick of my job. I'm sick of John's complaining. I'm sick of even looking at John. I'm sick of hearing Mrs. Karen complain in whatever language she speaks. (I've dubbed said language "Mumblish.") I'm sick of all the ignorant and stupid customers. I'm sick of being passed over for raises time after time. I'm just sick of all of it.

Well, I guess I'll work with my vampire (who just hit PAYDIRT with a bunch of humans), check up on Ruritania (which I'm trying to get out of being a dictatorship), then feed my Alpha Centauri addiction.

Edit: It doesn't help my mood that LJ is being sucky right now.

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