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Two days ago, Jenny and I went to the mall. She's recovering from a mild case of the flu, so our visit was short. I bought 4 booster packs of Mirroden Magic cards. She bought 2 Playstation online card thingies for her friend in Canada. Afterwards, I played around with her on the phone.

Yesterday, my computer was kaput. I made the analysis of everything going wrong and determined that it was choked with dust again. So, with nothing but a set of screwdrivers, a rag, and my breath, I got all the dust I could out of the casing, CPU, fans, etc. Coughing was loud and plentiful. I also learned a valuable lesson: Never drop a computer on your index finger. It hurts. A lot.

Yesterday, I also had the idea to at least categorize my unsorted Magic cards. I have a pile of cards about 2 feet high that I've yet to go through and see what I could use to upgrade my decks. Well, I didn't feel like breaking my decks out yesterday, so I just sorted by color, function, type, power, toughness, etc. However, in the process, I've seen the need to add two more types of decks to my retinue: blue and artifact. I have enough good cards in each. I've also realized I should split my "Soldier/Cleric" white deck into two white decks, one dedicated to each type. I have yet to do anything, but at least I have a plan.

I had a dream from last night that involved my dad and I driving to a seafood restaurant in his old station wagon. (The thing in real life has been destroyed for several years after a rear-end accident.) All the sudden, the ground feels like it "slipped" almost like we hit a huge pothole. I'm like "What was that?" My dad calmly tells me it was an earthquake. We continue searching for a parking spot for the restaurant, when I realize that earthquakes cause tsunamis. There were mountains to the right of us and the ocean was to the left, but the tsunami came in from the right, dwarfing the mountains. It must have been at least a mile high. I'm just frozen like, "Whoa..." So my dad starts driving away from the wave, but it's too late. I jolt awake as the car's being crushed by the pressure.

Today, I had a normal day. Currently, I'm reading Diplomatic Implausibility by Keith R. A. DeDandido. This is the last new Star Trek book I have to read. I'll poll you guys as to which book I have left to read I should read next.
Poll #237315 Sci-Fi Book Poll

What book should I read next?

Voyagers by Ben Nova
Vortex by Jon Land
The Dispossessed by Ursula K. LeGuin

Anyway, back to getting to my backlog of posts, and then, back to my Alpha Centauri addiction.

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