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I didn't have the best day... It was all right, but not good.

Well, on Friday, it snowed about 4 inches. It snowed about 8 inches last night. Tonight, there's an ice storm. On Wednesday, they're predicting 8 more inches of snow. Anyone want to take some? I'll give it all to you! Hehehehe...

Anyway, with the 8 inches last night, we had a bit of a time getting out of the house and stuff. However, it was worse when I got to work. I get in and I find that it's going to be a pretty slow day for drive thru. Mondays usually are because the delivery truck comes. Add in the snow factor and drive thru was pretty much dead the whole day. Therefore, sometime around 11:30 AM, Rich tells me to take the trash out, since I've got nothing better to do. Well, I do, but when I get to the dumpster, I find that the moron who plowed the parking lot (and didn't do a decent job of it, either) had plowed in the dumpster! I went in, told Rich, then went to search for the shovel. After about 5 minutes of searching, it turns up, and I get to shovel out the dumpster. At around 12:45 PM, I've finally finished shoveling, and finally get to the job I started doing. Well, I take half the bags out of the trash can, but I find the rest aren't even tied up and I can't pull them out of the can. So, I take the other can, which is mostly filled with cardboard boxes, and get that into the dumpster and simply leave the other back there since I'm just about ready to puke from the smell. Really smart, managers. Get the guy with the weak stomach to do the trash the day after a snow where the water's melted and started to decompose the trash.

Anyway, after I told Rich, "Screw it. I'm done with trash," I went back and found that I had to do the sodas. Someone had the bright idea of rearranging the sodas so I couldn't get to the ones in the back, so I had to take all the old sodas off and rearrange them correctly as well as putting the new sodas on. Now the boxes of sodas are at least 20 pounds each. Multiply that by 30 and you have what I was lifting. Add in the trash and shovelling and my arms felt like they fell off.

Well, the rest of the day at work was pretty quiet. I started my latest book, The Dispossessed and have almost finished the first chapter. I admit that it's a weirdly starting book, but so was Ender's Game and I grew to love that one, so I guess this could be all right. It's won Hugo and Nebula awards, just like Ender's Game, so there's got to be something there.

I got home and crashed on the couch for about 15 minutes. After that, Kristie, another manager, called up and let me know my drawer was $20 short. Now, that just sucks. I suspect that the girl who covered for my break did it if it wasn't simply a miscounted $20 when they skimmed the drawer. However, I hate when that happens. It only seems to happen to me. I haven't stolen any money from that store in my entire 4 years there, yet I seem to be the only one with cash shortages. Blech...

After shovelling snow off the back porch, I watched Free Enterprise one more time, but this time, I watched it with the Director's commentary. I also watched the Deleted Scenes. It's amazing some of the in-jokes you miss in a movie if they're not pointed out to you.

Well, I've updated a few programs on my computer, and I think I should restart now to get them all in order. After that, it's time for backlog and vampire. *needs to scramble for the bank*

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