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More Shower Meme...

You know the rules: Comment with 5 more or request 5 more in the comments.

This one is from tashkal

1) There is a chance for an official crossover between Star Trek (your choice of era) and another SF property. What is your preferred crossover?

Hrm... Tough call... I'd probably go with a Star Trek: The Next Generation and Stargate SG-1 crossover, where the Trek crew comes to the Stargate universe.

2) Speaking of crossovers... have you ever read any fan fiction (of any sort)?

Nope. Don't plan to, either.

3) Who has been your favorite guest on "Unscrewed" (that you've seen)?

Hrm... It's been a while, because I only got to see it while babysitting. *thinks back* Probably Pastor Jack.

On a side note, I loved Search Sperts and the videos that were shown. Dark Tipper was cool, too.

4) You're being deported to a desert island, but can take three things with you. What do you take?

A generator, my computer, and my cell phone. That way, I can still keep up on everything Net-wise. This is assuming I can scavenge for food on said island. In a more perfect situation, I'll have scanned all my books into the computer, allowing me to read them on the computer.

5) Panthers or Patriots?

You're talking about the football teams, right? No clue. Don't do football.

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