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Good day...

Well, I had a good day. I like the new auto-filling drink station they installed in McDonald's a few days ago. It's quite cool and useful. If only Jerry would get his butt moving and haul the old one out.

My mom bought me a few things and I'm really happy about them. She bought me a new chair for my computer. It's one of those black office chairs with the padding and the adjustability and the 5 wheels. It's comfy and much better than the old wood one. I had a tiny "stuff" chair that I would throw stuff on to worry about later. That chair has been moved downstairs and my old computer chair is my new "stuff" chair.
She also bought me new insoles for my shoes, which was nice. The old ones were size 9 and my feet (and shoes, of course) are size 12. The old ones helped, but weren't perfect. The new ones are quite nice.
She also bought both my dad and I pairs of gloves, which are quite useful in the snow.

I'm still working on The Dispossessed, but it's becoming an easier read.

My vampire got Celerity 2 recently and is now working on Thievery 3. I'll probably just buy Surprise with real money. The Locate quests don't look that hard, but I think I'll get Thievery 3 first. We'll work from there.

Ruritania is still a dang dictatorship. It's probably due to my moves to improve the economy in every way possible, since my economy was in the toilet with no hope of coming out. So, I drag commercial business back to below par and my social values go out the door. Bah... Why does running a nation require so much hassle?

Well, off to my Alpha Centauri addiction again. I'll try the Spartans this time, just for the heck of it.

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