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Mom took me to the mall after work today. She went to buy a few things, and I kind of lounged around the mall. I went to Tilt and watched the people playing Dance Dance Revolution. The one guy must have been playing on "Insane" mode because he was going faster than anyone I've ever seen.
I decided to spend a dollar and play Marvel vs. Capcom 2. In the first round, I used Captain America, Juggernaut, and The Hulk. The second round, I used Venom, Shuma-Gorath, and Wolverine. Since I don't know the controls, I did button-mashing all the time. It was quite fun. I got some cool moves in. At one point in the second, all three of my guys came in and beat the living snot out of Spiderman. But, after playing the game, I realized my wrist hurt madly. I forgot how much pain button-mashing would be on my wrist.

Afterwards, I went to EB and bought 4 booster packs of Mirroden. I got some pretty cool cards.
Then, I went to the pretzel place and got a Parmesan pretzel with marinara dipping sauce. They put way too much cheese on it and it got all over my pants.

Anyway, my dad's birthday is tomorrow, so we got him some gifts. The card was a "Duct Tape" card, which was cool.

Well, I'm fixing my computer, reading messages, and then playing Alpha Centauri.

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