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On Monday, Jenny took me out to the mall. We did the normal walk around and whatever. We went to EB and I bought some more Mirrodin cards. We walked around the mall after that, then went over to GameStop again. After getting to GameStop, I found out that they sell Magic cards cheaper than EB, so I bought their final Legions Elf deck (mainly to get another Wellwisher) and Pokémon Trading Card Game for GameBoy. It was used, so I got it for $6. I only bought this because I found out it was fun and interesting from playing it for KJ. It's simple to play, but highly addictive. However, the good part is that you can play a little bit, then stop, then pick it up again. It's a "spare time" game. Your download takes 2 minutes? Play a couple rounds. The microwave's still cooking? Trade some cards. Because I bought it used, there was someone else's file on there. I played around with the file (from someone named "Mark") until I found that his decks were a horrible mess when it comes to playing by my style. So I just started from scratch and have already surpassed his point, except for doing one thing.

So, yesterday, mom was visiting Aunt Mary Lee in the hospital. Aunt Mary Lee fell earlier this week and she's recovering. So I had to walk to work. This is where I've confirmed my hatred of rain. Rain itself is not bad. Coldness itself is worse than rain itself, but still not bad. Cold added to rain is demon spawn. After walking the mile to work, my legs were completely numb. It took about an hour to thaw.

The Dispossessed is a bit of a conundrum. It's a tough read due to the style of language used, yet the subject of the book is quite interesting. Therefore, I'm struggling through the book, yet still interested and enjoying reading it.

Well, I'll get a few final posts read, check e-mail, then read my book before going to sleep. tashkal's questions and my weekly quiz and meme post will have to wait for tomorrow.


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