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Animal Problems

Last night, my mom said all four dogs were chasing something in the yard and she had trouble getting them to come inside. This afternoon after we got home from church, we found a dead rabbit in the back yard with a few intestines coming out of it. Obviously one of the dogs killed the rabbit or it got scared to death and one of the dogs got to it after it was dead. My dad buried it right after we found it. Since we don't know which dog did it, we yelled at all of them, except Duchess, who's too old to chase or kill anything.

Just a few minutes ago, my oldest cat, Snowball, started crying in pain and panting up a storm. We found nothing outwardly physically wrong with him, so my mom and dad wrapped him in a towel, stuck him in an animal carrier, and took him off to the vet just now. I hope he's OK and survives.

Edit: Dang parents forgot to take their cell phones with them, so I can't call them up to find out how Snowy is... *grumbles*

Parents just got home. Snowy's currently at the hospital spending the night. He's in less pain, but they still don't know what's wrong with him. They're going to do some X-rays and stuff. We're still praying.

Vet just called. He says Snowball's mostly OK. He's weak and has labored breathing, but he'll make it. Yay!

Test results came back. The reason he was in pain was because he threw a clot. Not good. However, that's not the bad part. Apparently, like his sister, Sugar, who died about a year ago, he has an enlarged heart. He also has a mass in his liver. Even though it doesn't show up on scans, his bloodwork says it's there. He's not expected to live more than a week. My mom's going to be very sad.

Mom told me that the vet called last night because he had some serious complications and was in major pain. My mom couldn't stand to hear him suffer (she heard him in the background) and she asked the doctor to put him to sleep. She's taking it rough. She looks fine to most people, but to the people who know her, she's a wreck. It's just under the surface. He will be missed.
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