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I still haven't done those Shower Memes. I'll do them after I write this post. I've got 6 piled up, meaning I have to answer 30 questions.

Jenny is insane as usual. We went out on Monday and had fun. I bought Magic cards, and I did so again at WalMart today. I have yet to sort, categorize, and update.
On Monday, I saw the DarkSteel expansion for the first time. It looks interesting. I hope it lives up to Mirrodin.

I'm getting more and more bored by McDonald's, so I hope something gives me a "Yes" where I can get out of this blah job.

Oh, and in odd news, a bug got trapped on a glue trap at McDonald's. It was some sort of winged beetle-type bug. I noticed the bug on Monday. I go back today and find that the thing is still alive! If it's still stuck there, that means it hasn't eaten or drank anything in over 2 days. It's a survivor, even if it's not smart enough to steer away from glue traps.

Well, off to do the Shower Memes, and then, to bed.

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