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Well, finally an update on my real life, instead of being a soapbox or a Net junkie...

I'm still hacking up lung crap.
I have been hacking up lung crap for the past few days.
I was hacking up lung crap while helping move an entire house in 4 hours on Thursday.
My arms still have a faint feeling like lead. I'm still feeling the effects of doing that. I'm not doing that again any time soon.
Frankie is being a noodge, as always. If I'm doing anything other than petting him, it's always "Meow. Meow." I've learned to do many things one-handed due to this. Typing is one of them. *pets Frankie as he licks my fingers*
My dad wants to get rid of Mittens and Sparkle because both of them fight with the other cats and each other too much. With Mittens, it's play gone wrong. With Sparkle, it's territorial and she thinks she's "Queen Cat" on the bed.
I'm almost done with The Dispossessed. It's quite interesting. It's got lots of commentary on society, physics, and other stuff, via the viewpoint of the main character. I'll probably finish it within the next 2 or 3 days. Then, I'll get to reading Voyagers by Ben Nova, which got 1 vote on my poll, as opposed to Vortex by Jon Land, which got no votes.

Well, off to either reading or playing Pokémon Trading Card Game on my GameBoy. Then, bed.

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