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Showers are fun!

Same rules: Comment with 5 more or comment asking for 5 for you.

From tashkal

1) If you were to get a tattoo of your favorite character from your favorite online comic, who would it be?

I'd get Spook from Sev Trek on one of my upper arms. I'd get a head and shoulders shot of him, plus the salute.

2) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A woodchuck could chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

3) What author would you want to write your biography?

Hrm... *thinks* I would like some comedian, probably. OK... Got it... Robin Williams would write it, because he's a comedian, but he's also good at serious stuff, too. If he's unavailable, I'd approach Gary Larson.

4) Any Enterprise vs. Imperial Star Destroyer. Who'd win?

I'll go and examine all of them.

NX-01 - Creamed, but ISD sustains a bit of damage
1701 - Completely creamed
1701 (refit) - Creamed, but ISD gets minimal damage
1701A - Same as 1701 (refit)
1701B - Destroyed, but not before ISD sustains at least 25% damage
1701C - Destroyed, but gets thrown 50 years into future and creates an alternate timeline before it does ;-)
1701D - Sustains 50% damage, then Picard jettisons Saucer Section to let most of the people survive and Stardrive Section and ISD destroy each other
1701E - Destroys ISD, but not before receiving about 40% damage

5) What do you think of Star Trek: the Animated Series?

I never really saw any episodes of it, but it looked interesting. It was a way to do some things that could not be done with live actors at the time. It was different than normal, which is always interesting. It had some bad episodes, but so does all Trek so, that doesn't really matter. I'd watch the whole thing if I got a chance.

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