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Daily stuff

In good news, the cough seems to be going down. Phlegm production is at a minimum.

I got a haircut today. It looks nice. I was itching all day, though, until I took a shower just a few minutes ago.

I accidentally left Voyagers over at Mr. Joe's barber shop, so I didn't get to read it at all today. (Mom picked it up on her way home and brought it home.)

We went to Wall-Mart today and I bought more Magic cards, as usual, to my mother's chagrin, also as usual. She's tolerant of my collection since I described it as the same as a baseball card collection, only you can play a game with these cards, too. I got some good cards. I've sorted them by color into my "unsorted, yet to put in decks" pile, which grows ever larger. I've got lots to revamp with them.

In other news, I've lost my foil cards. They're all gone. Well, they're not destroyed or anything, but I cannot find them. I recently re-organized all my Magic stuff and I had all my foil cards in one deck box, along with all my rule books. Somehow, I lost that box. It's in here somewhere. I've just got to find it. I've got some pretty valuable cards I'm missing here.

Anyway, just a few more posts to read, then it's off to getting underwear on, beginning to read Voyagers, and off to sleep. (No, you're not crazy. Yes, you read that right. No, I'm not naked. I'm wearing socks. :-P)

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