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I am a WinAmp 2 junkie. However, I am currently considering upgrading to WinAmp 5. I was wondering if anyone has used it and how it compares to WinAmp 2. Does it have some cool features (not available in WinAmp 2 or better than WinAmp 2) that I might be interested in? What faults does it have?

I know the classic skins will work on it, so that's good. My main issue is compatibility. (I know that the AudioScrobbler plugin works with it, so that is not an issue.)
Is it compatible with the Visions client for LiveJournal? If not, is it compatible with SeMagic? (I am willing to go far enough as to change my LJ client if WinAmp works with the rest of the stuff.)
Is it compatible with Trillian 2.01?
Is it compatible with the mIRC plugin?

Please let me know. Thanks.

(Note: Please do not comment with things like "WinAmp sucks!" or "Product X is better than WinAmp. You should switch to it." I do have other musical programs available to me and use them on occasion. I am merely looking for WinAmp advice here.)

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