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Got creamed

Today in Magic, I played 3 times. First game, I didn't lose by much. Second time was a team game. My red-green deck and my partner's white-green deck got shot down by the other two players' decks, a beast deck and an elf deck. I however, almost killed the guy with the beast deck. He had mountains out and I had "Goblins of the Flarg" out which is a 1/1 creature with mountainwalk. Basically, he couldn't stop my attacks, so I just attacked him for 1 point every turn until I boosted my Goblins with "Armor of Thorns" and "Orcish Oriflame" to knock off 4 points per turn. I got him down to 3 life points before he went to "Scorched Earth" policy and wiped me out. He almost was defeated, but my buddy couldn't attack that turn, so the guy went for all out attack again and creamed my buddy as well. *grumbles* Oh well... Then, I played a game against the guy who was my partner in the previous game. I got a bad shuffle and lost without hitting him with any damage while he slowly ate mine away. Eh... You win some, you lose some... I'd just like to win some sometime soon...
Tags: magic

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