Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

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The cough returns!

That hacking cough is back. *grumbles* *grumbling turns into a fit of coughing*
Edit: I have rediscovered the joy of Honey & Lemon cough drops.

In other news, I've decided to take my WinAmp off "Shuffle" and just play down the list. From "14 Year Old Girls - Aminal Forest" to "ZOEGirl - With All Of My Heart" I'm listening. It should be done by... *calculates* next Saturday, assuming I listen to approximately 8 hours of music per night.

In further news, I went back to playing an old game called Locus. I ended up beating it today. It's quite a fun game, but it looks chunky at high resolutions. This is probably due to it being made in 1995. Anyway, it's a fun little sports/racing/shooting game if you can get around the chunky look of it.

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