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D & D & a new book

Friends from the Magic group also have a D & D group going on, and I'm thinking of joining. They need a cleric, so I'm going to be a Christian cleric. (And don't say no. They already have a Jewish monk in their party who's got a "Star of David" staff as a weapon. :-P) My weapons are going to be a giant cross which will have capabilities to be determined later (possibly a crossbow) and a crown of thorns (which can be thrown at people. Whee! :-)). I'm going to get some magic powers, which I'll base after Biblical miracles/plagues, such as turning water into wine and summoning a swarm of locusts. Once I get into high levels, they might let me summon the 4 horsemen of the Apocolypse or something. :-)

Oh, and speaking of that...
Mom got me a new book! It's the latest Left Behind book and it's called Armegeddon. It looks cool. I'm going to read it after I finish re-reading Armegeddon Sky which is a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine book. I thought it was a bit spooky that I'm reading Armegeddon Sky and my mom goes out and buys Armegeddon for me. *plays Twilight Zone tune on MIDI*
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