April 4th, 2003

Quark, Thinking

I think this must be how a drunk feels...

Well, it was a rough day at McD's today. It was just non-stop cars!! After I got out of school, I got to McD's at 2 PM. Well, I got no break since I was supposed to get off at 5 PM. However, Taunya didn't come in and I had to stay until 7 PM. Well, I was OK for the most part, even though I was a bit tired. However, sometime around 6:30, my body decided to call it quits. I started walking funny, got a headache around my temples, and couldn't get my words out right. Well, my mom didn't come until about 7:30, so I was a bit wonky at work for about an hour. I'm beat. I'm checking mail, then laying on the bed for a while, just to unwind. Blech... I'm never staying until 7 AGAIN!
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