April 17th, 2003

Quark, Thinking

Dinner and the Mall

Well, yesterday, my girlfriend, Jenny (jennlee80), came over and we went out. We went over to White Marsh Mall. In the car, we had some interesting discussions about music, but neither of us would yield, so we left it at that. We had a coupon for The Olive Garden, so the plan was to go there. However, it took us like 15 minutes to find the place, even though we'd been to White Marsh many times. Well, we finally found the place. She had a nice dinner of Chicken Alfredo, while I had Stuffed Chicken Parmisan. Afterwards, we toured the mall for a while. She went with me to EB while I got 4 packs of Magic cards. I then went with her into the dress shop while she browsed the stuff there. After that, we went home. She let me drive for a little while and I scared her half to death. On purpose, of course... Hehehe... Anyway, I went to KJ's last night and it was an uneventful night. I went through my Magic cards this morning and found I didn't get much I could use. I did, however, get great trade value cards, such as Wellwisher, Voice of the Woods, and Weird Harvest. I hope to show these off on either Monday or Wednesday and get some good trading in.
Quark, Thinking

*grumbles @ Quizilla (http://www.quizilla.com)*

I'm wondering if it's my computer or if it's Quizilla itself. I'm currently in the process of making a Sevilian Quiz on there and am coming on a roadblock or something. I got all the questions and results loaded and saved, but when I go to put answers in, I wait, and wait, and wait, and wait... I'm wondering if it's Quizilla or if it's my connection. Either way, this will take a while. *goes back to attempting to get the narfing thing working*