May 7th, 2003

Quark, Thinking

Why do 9-year-olds have to be crazy?

I was taking KJ to school today and he was going off on some oddball topic. I told him "You know you're about as sharp as a bowling ball?" He responds "That's still sharp enough to KILL ya!"
Anyone who's cut someone with a bowling ball, I salute you.

In other news, I've noticed that many LJ friends of mine haven't friended me back.
*makes a list*

*goes over list* It's not like these people don't know me... If they're not friends by my birthday, I'll bug them until either they friend me or they give me a good reason why they didn't and aren't going to.

Edit: Have updated due to friending. People who are my friends now are crossed off and new people who still haven't added me are in the second list.
Quark, Thinking

Mom's taking me to breakfast...

I haven't had a real one of those in a while... It should be good... I think we're going to Denny's. *thinks about getting French Toast* *wonders if he should be saying "Freedom Toast" instead* *kicks both the French and the bureaucrats in DC*
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