May 11th, 2003

Quark, Thinking

What a day...

I woke up at noon. I got online for a little while. My computer crashed on me, so I shut every program off and set it up for auto-ScanDisk, then auto-Defrag of all my drives. I went downstairs and ate a breakfast of 4 waffles with syrup. Then, I got dressed and helped parents bring in groceries. They got me something for my birthday. I told them a couple days ago that for my 21st birthday "I'd like to get hammered." I was joking. I thought they knew that. They didn't. Oh well, I hope wine coolers aren't too bad. If not, they can keep them for themselves. Anywa, I then did my chores, except for the ferrets' cage, while my parents went to Home Depot. While doing the dogs' outside water, I noticed a huge ant colony in the bird feeder, so I sprayed the tree. I helped them bring the stuff in when my parents got back. We did some gardening today. (Note to self: Kick Adam when you get to Heaven. Tilling the ground wouldn't be hard if it weren't for him.) I then did the ferrets' cage. Mom fixed me some chicken for dinner and I ate that. Then, I took a shower. I felt much better after that. I played some Freedom Force in the nude, to my mom's surprise. I got her laughing hard when I said "What? You've never played nude video games before?" I put some underwear on after that. I played some more Freedom Force, then got online again. And now, it's now, and I need to check my boards, then go to sleep.
Live Long & Prosper, Birthday

Birthday Pressies!

Well, I got my birthday presents today since I'll be at school all day tommorrow. It turns out that they weren't wine coolers. She got me a 6-pack of Code Red. Yum. I also got some Pringles. Finally, I got a DVD player! Yay! I'm hooking it up now. Yay! *gets back to drinking Mountain Dew and hooking DVD up and being hot*
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