June 1st, 2003

Quark, Thinking

New Old Hat...

While walking home from Mrs. Gemma's house, I found a perfectly good Baltimore Bullets (basketball team) hat laying in the street. It was a bit grungy, but still good. All it needs is a quick wash and it's as good as new.

Yay! Free hat! :-)
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Quark, Thinking

Odd little thingies...

In the clear
You can stand up straight and walk tall, no one's after you, unless they're trying to nick something from you! It's good to behave 100% correctly and to the letter of the law, though it's hardly life on the edge…

Based on your answers, we have calculated the maximum penalty for your crimes:

Years in prison: 5 Potential fine: £2000

From thesite.org

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