June 2nd, 2003

Quark, Thinking

Durable toy!

I was walking with KJ to school and he had one of those "Yo-Yo Ball" thingies...
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Anyway, I asked if I could play with it for a little bit. He let me hold it and I started throwing it around. It was pretty fun, actually... However, after a few flings, it flew out of my hand and into the street. I went to get it, but a car was coming, and I didn't want to get hit. The car ran over it! I was expecting it to go "POP!" and have water flying everywhere. But it DIDN'T! It just reverted to its normal state. I was about to get it again and another car came and ran over it AGAIN! And it was STILL fine! I finally got it, but I was amazed!

These things are quite durable! They can withstand at least 2 cars running over them! Buy them!
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