June 9th, 2003

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My mom got safely back from Jamaca last night...

She's fine, but her luggage is not. *grumbles @ airline*
They came into Philly and then they held the plane up an entire hour because an international flight was late and 7 people were missing. Well, when my mom got to Baltimore, we found out that those 7 people were THE ONLY ONES WHOSE LUGGAGE WAS ON THE FRICKING PLANE! THEY LOST AN ENTIRE PLANELOAD OF LUGGAGE! They're supposedly shipping in to the house today. *crosses fingers*

In other news, my dad wants to get Mittens, our kitten, another home. He's been playfully pouncing on all the other cats every day, but the other cats never like it (except sometimes Stamps). We're always hearing him fighting with someone somewhere in the house. I don't want him gone, but my dad is pretty much set on getting him out.
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The Interview

The Interview
The Interview - swiped from tdp:

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1. What is/was your favorite TV show growing up and what did you like about it?

That has to be Star Trek: The Next Generation. I loved Picard and Data. Especially Data, since I felt so much like him: smart and curious.

2. What is the first thing you can physically remember?

Being in a crib with dinosaur wallpaper on the walls of the room.

3. What would be your dream realistic job (it exists and you can do it)?

Computer Gaming Programmer

4. What are the names of your top 5 most favorite snacks?

Pringles, Doritos, Mike & Ike's, Milanos (cookies), Reese's Cups

5. What is the first thing you think of when you hear 'grubbybits'?

Dirt dug up by my dogs.

Now then... who wants to be interviewed?
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I hate work...

I was at work today, when I took 3 customers in a row because the other front line person was in the back. That wasn't so bad. It happens. Anyway, one order was 2 sandwiches, the second was 2 sandwiches and a fry, and the third was a soda and a vanilla shake. I get the first order, notice the second one's not up yet, so I go to make the shake for the third one. I get it a third filled when I realize I accidentally hit chocolate instead of vanilla. So, slightly peeved at myself for that. Not too bad yet. Then, as I'm filling the shake with vanilla, my coworker comes up and says "Mike... You've got customers..." I look back for a split-second and see only the customers that I just took orders for. I shake my head and turn back to find the shake overflowing, which is precisely what I DIDN'T want it to do, since the machine's auto-filler is broken. So, what else can I do but throw the shake away, because no one wants a cup with shake all down the sides. So what does she say? "Mike. Don't be wastin' shakes like that!" Stress meter climbing... I get my orders out. Then she says, "Mike... Clean up your mess..." Exactly what I was about to do, and she apparently has to spell it out for me... I go to the back, grab a mop, clean up the shake, then go back to put the mop away. As I'm coming up, she says "Mike... Quit playin' around in the back and help me up here." Stress levels rising some more... So, I'm up taking more orders. Two of the orders had shakes with them, so I decided that I wasn't going to be distracted again and I would focus on the shake to make sure it didn't overflow. Well, by this time, Shanee, my manager had come up front and asked me "Mike. Is this order for here or to go." I told her "For here." She said, "Well you should have put out a tray first." Stress level rose to high levels and I let out a frustrated grumble/growl. She sent me home for that. I hate my job...
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