July 12th, 2003

Live Long & Prosper, Birthday

Great day...

I had an OK day at work, followed by a great evening with my mom. We went to Red Lobster, where we both ate nice snow crab legs. Afterwards, I annoyed the lobsters in the tank with the little picker-upper arm thingie. It was fun to watch them try to attack it. My mom then took me to Barnes & Nobles because she said I read the same books too many times over. So, I went in and browsed. Now I have Quotable Star Trek</cite>, which will be good for me in many online situations. I also have the first 3 Xanth novels: A Spell For Chameleon, The Source of Magic, and Castle Roogna. I've actually read the first two from the library, but it's nice to have them in my collection to read again. With that in mind, I've updated my wish list. If anyone wants to get me a gift, one of those things would be nice. *hopes, but doesn't count on squat* Anyway, off to check messages, then to bed.
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    Steven Curtis Chapman - Dancing With The Dinosaur