July 28th, 2003

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Update thingie...

First off, I haven't read LJ in a while, so anything important that's happened, please point me to it.

Second, my dad's kidney stone moved again and he's peeing blood again. He's seeing a doctor soon. We need a bit of prayer.

Thirdly, SevSpace seems to be down. Time to bug Johan again. *grins*

Fourthly, and lighter note, I tried one of those new Subway Chicken Pizzola thingies. Quite good, but the chicken wasn't to my taste.

Anyway, back to stuff...
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Live Long & Prosper, Birthday

Shower meme returns...

You know the drill. I've answered five questions; if you want me to ask you five questions, comment and I will respond in another comment and you will answer in your journal. Or, ask me another five questions.

From tashkal

1. Who is your favorite poet?

That has to be Edgar Allen Poe. I like him because he's a good poet and also because he's from my hometown of Baltimore.

2) What is this whole "Sev" thing, anyway?

Well, Sev started with John Cook in 1997. He was drawing Sev Trek, which is a Star Trek spoof, and also The Pits, which was a spoof on his life with his two old roommates. Anyway, it caught on when he started allowing people to submit the punchlines instead of him writing them himself. Well, the community of people got very large very quickly and finally got a bulletin board of their own to go to. Now the Sev Board is thriving and Sev itself is booming still, due to promotion on other sites. JC has expanded through adding other Sci-Fi/Fantasy cartoons, such as Sevylon 5, Bluffy The Vamped-Up Stunner and Fraud of the Rings.

3) Any hobbies of youth you no longer pursue?

Rock collecting and model car racing

4) What was the first episode of Star Trek you ever saw, or at least remember seeing?

I know it was a Next Generation one. *thinks back* It had to be a first season epidsode because Yar was in it. *checks episode guide* I think it was "Where No One Has Gone Before" but I'm not positive.

5) Do you think Activision is correct in their allegations that Viacom has allowed Star Trek (as a property) to stagnate? Why or why not?

Hrm... Toughie... I personally think they're correct in that the Star Trek has stagnated. There is a lack of movies and a lack of series, too. Half the games are either crap or good, but not fun. Enterprise isn't doing too well with the fans either, due to its major continuity problems. However, the continuity problems can be blamed on Braga, not Viacom. I like Braga to an extent, but hate him for the same reason. The reason is this: he throws the rule book out the window. Therefore, he makes some pretty good ideas, but they're not mainstream and they screw with stuff that shouldn't be screwed with. Anyway, I went off on a tangent there...
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Quark, Thinking

Name Statistics

Michael is the #4 most common male name.
2.629% of men in the US are named Michael.
Around 3220525 US men are named Michael!
source namestatistics.com

James is the #1 most common male name.
3.318% of men in the US are named James.
Around 4064550 US men are named James!
source namestatistics.com

Moore is the #9 most common last name.
0.312% of last names in the US are Moore.
Around 780000 US last names are Moore!
source namestatistics.com

I'm common... Meh...
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