August 28th, 2003

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3 Grrrs and a Yay...

Grrr #1: Luther. I hate that stupid tow truck driver Luther. He's loud, annoying, and always irritating. He insults me, talks at the same loud level whether you're across the restaurant or right next to him, and has this annoying stupid laugh! He's demeaning, insensitive, and just doesn't GET it. I was ready to strangle him with my cleaning rag today, but decided my job wasn't worth it.

Grrr #2: Lisa. My mom calls my cell phone while I'm at work. I didn't have much to do at that point, so I just held the phone with my shoulder and talked while I worked. Lisa, the HR person, asks, "WHO are you talking to?!" I say, "My mom called." She says, "Well say goodbye and hang up! You can't be talking to her while you're on the clock! Do that on your break or when you're off." Oh, I'm SO pissed at her. I only get like ONE call in like a month at work and it's usually from my parents, and it's usually right about when I get off. It's not like I call everyone I know every day or what have you. That's what my managers Kenny and Rich do, and no one complains about them. Grrrrr......

Yay: Duchess came home. She's better and she can walk with help. She's eating and drinking stuff. However, we don't think she'll last long. At least she's not in pain any more.

Grrr #3: I've lost my VCR remote, my wallet, and my cell phone, all at once.
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Quark, Thinking

Important Notice

Edit (05/30/05): I'm going to rewrite this as a new post. Most of this is bunk now. I've made some modifications to this post in case anyone comes back. I'll come back and link to the new post when I put it up.

I have information about TXT messaging me. My bill has gone down from previous months, but it's still quite high. Therefore, I'm posting some rules about messaging me. (This applies to regular TXT messages and also AIM messages when I'm not online. Note to the uninformed: When there's a little phone icon next to my screen name on AIM, that means the message is going to my cell phone as a TXT message. Therefore, these rules apply.)

Rule #1: I am not completely adversed to TXT messages from regular phones or AIM. Feel free to talk to me if you want.

Rule #2: Keep it short. If you can, try to keep it short and sweet. If you can combine two or more messages into one and keep it under 160 characters, please do so. I am pretty well versed in many abbreviations, so feel free to use them liberally.

Rule #3: If you don't have to message me via TXT, please don't. This is not a strict rule, but it's nice to keep it in mind. When I'm not online, I'm usually at work, babysitting, or sleeping. Therefore, that's where I'd be receiving these messages. During the last half of the month, I'd rather receive messages through ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, or e-mail than TXT, because TXT charges build up easily.
Note: Since I updated my TXT plan to 500 messages a month, random fun messages are alright now. Feel free to send whatever you like.

Rule #4: PLEASE wait. People usually message me while I'm at work. Thus, I might have much to do before I'm able to answer your message. Also, typing on a cell phone takes a lot longer than typing on the computer, so sending me 5 "Hello? Are you there?" messages is not productive and simply wastes my message count and my money. If you don't receive an immediate response, don't worry. I'm either busy and unable to respond at that point, or I'm still typing, or I might never respond at all if all I would reply with is "OK" or something simple like that, which would only waste me 10¢ per message. (This is another reason to use ICQ, Yahoo, or e-mail. Those are free and thus, I can send short messages, innane chatter, etc.)

Anyway, as I said in the first and third rules, all these rules are not strict rules, but more like guidelines. Anyway, I hope to continue to hear from you people. Thanks for your time.