September 14th, 2003



I've just about had it with the people on the dilbert_feed! Just look here. I'm going to kill all the "First Comment!" people, all the "I hate you 'First Comment!" people" people, and all the "Wow! Look at all the comments! I'll post mine!" people. Just KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!
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Quark, Thinking

Just finished watching K-PAX

Interesting little movie. It says on the box "Keeps you guessing right up to the end" but I disagree. I'm still guessing and it's already over. It's a movie to see, no matter what type of movie you like (except horror).

Also, I recognized Alfre Woodard in the movie. At first, I was like "I know her, but from where?" Then, I realized who it was and was like "That's Lily [from Star Trek: First Contact], but with hair!"
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