October 14th, 2003

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eMode IQ test

I scored a 135 on the eMode IQ test some time ago and now they're offering me a free complete report (instead of paying for it) (I only got the short one last time) because I scored as one of the highest there. Currently, I'm checking it out. This thing is quite cool. *checks answers* I got 4 wrong out of 40. Heh. Cool!
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Live Long & Prosper, Birthday

Shower Meme returneth!

You know the drill. I'm answering 5 questions. Respond if you want to ask me 5 more questions or if you want me to ask you questions.

Shower Meme questions this time are from janeway216

1. I don't know you that well so writing these questions is a little difficult. Describe yourself in ten words.

Crazy Sevilian who is mostly bored, but is usually fun.

2. Oops! That time machine you were building in your garage blew up, sending you into the past (or future). Coincidentally, it just happens to be your favorite era. Where do you pop out? Why is that one your favorite?

Hrm... Tough call. I'd probably go 200 years into the future to see what it's like. That's because I can't decide whether I like the 80's (the era I grew up in) more or whether I'd go back to the 60s (when Star Trek first came out). I might like going back to Biblical times or maybe the Renaissance, but I'm quite fond of modern convienences, like toilets and TVs.

3. What languages do you speak, computer ones included?

The easy question to answer: Spanish, HTML, C++, Assembly, Javascript. I also know numbers 1 through 29 and "Hello" in Korean.

4. Congratulations! You just won ten million dollars. What do you spend it on?

First, eliminate a $100,000 debt that my parents are fighting with MediCare with. Then, another $1,000,000 to my church. Then, NEW COMPUTER TIME! WHEE! I'd get my own house to live in, then I'd buy every single CD & DVD I ever wanted (the list is huge), get tons of Magic cards, get a new stereo, and a car. I'd bank the rest, if there was anything left. Maybe a trip later.

5. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suppose you like Star Trek. Which one's your favorite? Why?

Been asked this so many times. Favorite Star Trek is TNG. My boy, Data, is in it and that's why I love it so much. Thought-provoking material and never got too fanboyish. The series ended on a high note.
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