October 24th, 2003

Quark, Thinking


I did something today that I haven't done in a long while. I played Civilization on the Mac SE/30 downstairs. Boy, do I SUCK! I was the Moore civilization (originally Babylonians, but I renamed them) and I made one fatal mistake. I went towards the "scholarly" route and tried for things like Literacy, Math, Engineering, etc. That way, I'd have a heads up on other civilizations and their technology. Well, the Americans and Chinese got their butts kicked almost immediately. I met up with the Aztecs and made peace with them while I explored. I always do this because I want to see resources before I start expanding my army. I got a free city via an advanced tribe and some money from mineral deposits, so I was good there. I traded a bit of technology to the Aztecs for Shipbuilding and other minor improvements. I started sailing and exploring the seas in my Triremes (sp?). I found the Germans had settled on the island just north of me. I made peace with them. Just about then, the Aztecs started getting agressive, so I made a large army of chariots and kicked their single-citied butt. However, my resources were a bit thin at this point and my people were becoming unhappy. Now, I was trying to keep my people happy. All my funds were going into keeping them happy while the Germans flourished. They were advancing left and right, while I was stuck back keeping people happy. I took over 3 cities of theirs, but got repelled immediately. I knew that once all the cities in the upper island were taken, they'd come down to my island and kick my butt as well. So I shut it off and didn't save it. I now realized I should have worked on Mysticism and Religion first. Then, I'd have happy people and would be able to work on the rest of my stuff. Oh well. That's what happens when you don't play a certain game for a while. You lose track of what's important and when. It was still quite fun, though.
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Quark, Thinking

Found something cool...

You can easily filter your friends list with LJ's built-in filters!

You know about the "skip" feature on the friends list, right? Well there's also a "show" feature!

show=P gives you entries from people
show=C gives you entries from communities
show=Y gives you syndicated feeds

Neat! I'm putting it to use and it got rid of a few filters I set up.
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