October 27th, 2003

Quark, Thinking

Jury Duty

I've got jury duty today. It should be interesting enough. At least I won't have to trudge up to McDonald's today. However, it means getting up a whole lot earlier. However, I'll get off earlier, too, if I'm not chosen for a jury.

I just finished reading The Dastard tonight, so I'll take Swell Foop and Up in a Heaval with me downtown. Now that I'm almost done reading the books, I'll be more ready to send my suggestions to Piers Anthony. Heh. Maybe he'll even find the suggestions useful.
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    The Supertones - Jury Duty
Quark, Thinking

Jelly Bellies

While at the mall on Saturday with Jenny, I bought several things. I bought 4 packs of 7th Edition Magic cards at FYE. I can use several of these cards immediately.
However, just before leaving, we stopped by Wockenfuss and I bought about a quarter pound worth of mixed Jelly Bellies. We snacked on them on the drive home. Afterwards, I went upstairs and put the bag down and got to sorting Magic cards. I completely forgot about it until I saw it on the floor just now! I'm surprised that the ants never got to them.
*snacks on Jelly Bellies as his first alarm goes off* Well, in about half an hour, I should start getting ready to go to Jury Duty.
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