November 4th, 2003



In drive-thru today, I had this woman order a Reese's McFlurry, a product we haven't had in 1.5 to 2 years. I informed her we only had M&M and Oreo, so she orders Oreo. She gets to the window, smoking a cigarette. As she's handing me her money, she blows smoke in my face! I proceed to cough and clear the air with the hand not holding the money. She looks annoyed and asks, "Is there a problem?" After I'm done coughing, I say, "Uh, yeah. I'm allergic to smoke." (While this statement isn't exactly true, it might as well be. If I inhale even a small amount of smoke, I end up coughing for a LONG time.) Disbelieving, she replies, "Yeah... Right..." As I hand her the change, she says to me, "Tell Jerry you don't want to be at the window any more if you're going to be insulting me." As she drives off, I reply, "HOW am I being insulting by being allergic to smoke?" The other thing is that Jerry is the store's owner. He's not a manager, so he has nothing to do with scheduling or positioning.

I'll be glad when I get out of McDonald's.
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