November 13th, 2003

Quark, Thinking

Joy in my life

The joy of going out with Jenny today.

The joy of finding good Magic cards in the packs I bought.

The joy of buying something special for my mom. (A pen with a squishy snowglobe on top, with a bear in the snowglobe.)

The joy of getting a free soda from Popeye's.

The joy of being picked as Vampire of the Week over at lost_in_shadows

The joy of winning a radio contest.

The joy of giving away something to someone who'd appreciate it. (The tickets I won from the radio because I knew I wouldn't be able to use them.)

The joy of not having to work tommorrow!

The joy of being able to get free books. (Going downtown this weekend to The Book Thing.)
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Quark, Thinking

Heh! Fun with phone!

154K 0:41
“Hey yeah it is me, I'm live I'm testing this out this, this—this livejournal thing, this, this audio, and I like audio. And, and I'm talking because I do not know what else to say, 'cause I'm…
Hello mom! (she speaks inaudible)
Not really, I forgot you asked me to do. (laughs) Anyway… What? Oh, I didn't receive it yet, so I didn't check it yet.
Err, okay, so that was my mom, peskering me, hmm…
Okay so I don't even know how to hang up so I think I'll press #.”

Transcribed by: erbkaiser
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