December 9th, 2003

Quark, Thinking

Phone Post: At The Mall

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“Hey! It's me! And, uh... Parents in Australia. Mr. Ed decided... he's got choir practice at church. And Jenny has decided that she, um... she wanted to take me to the uh... to the mall. So... Um... I got.. *laughs* There's her now. Um... I'm gonna startle her, um... by coming up behind her. Um... *giggles* Um... She's going to be so surprised. I got her Christmas gift today. It's something she REALLY wants... and I SNUCK it. I SNUCK it because she couldn't see it. All she knows is that it's a big box. *chuckles* I snuck it on her. I'm going to surprise her by coming up behind her. Um... Yeah, so, we're going to be in the mall for a little while. Oh, and I had a tough time at work today, 'cause there's an inspection next Tuesday, and um... *chuckles* And we're cleaning stuff that we haven't cleaned in like 2 YEARS. Um... So, it's going to be rough for the next week at work, but I'm pretty much happy. Except for the time when I got morons pelting snowballs at me, but, anyway... *sings* Here I come to save the day! Scare Jenny on the way! *stops singing* Where'd Jenny go?
Boo! *chuckles* Say Hi to the Internet.
"I don't want... I don't WANT to say Hi to the Internet."
Come on! Say Hi to the Internet.
OK. Anyway, I gotta go. Bye.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo