February 16th, 2004

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Showers are fun!

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From tashkal

1) If you were to get a tattoo of your favorite character from your favorite online comic, who would it be?

I'd get Spook from Sev Trek on one of my upper arms. I'd get a head and shoulders shot of him, plus the salute.

2) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A woodchuck could chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

3) What author would you want to write your biography?

Hrm... *thinks* I would like some comedian, probably. OK... Got it... Robin Williams would write it, because he's a comedian, but he's also good at serious stuff, too. If he's unavailable, I'd approach Gary Larson.

4) Any Enterprise vs. Imperial Star Destroyer. Who'd win?

I'll go and examine all of them.

NX-01 - Creamed, but ISD sustains a bit of damage
1701 - Completely creamed
1701 (refit) - Creamed, but ISD gets minimal damage
1701A - Same as 1701 (refit)
1701B - Destroyed, but not before ISD sustains at least 25% damage
1701C - Destroyed, but gets thrown 50 years into future and creates an alternate timeline before it does ;-)
1701D - Sustains 50% damage, then Picard jettisons Saucer Section to let most of the people survive and Stardrive Section and ISD destroy each other
1701E - Destroys ISD, but not before receiving about 40% damage

5) What do you think of Star Trek: the Animated Series?

I never really saw any episodes of it, but it looked interesting. It was a way to do some things that could not be done with live actors at the time. It was different than normal, which is always interesting. It had some bad episodes, but so does all Trek so, that doesn't really matter. I'd watch the whole thing if I got a chance.
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What a day...

Well, my day was interesting. At about 11:30 AM today, while they were unpacking the truck, Gary told me to get all the unopened boxes "Lilo & Stitch" toys out onto the truck to make room for all the new "Lion King" toys we got. Naturally, the unopened boxes were on the bottom of the pile. So, between cars, I'm moving boxes off the pile and putting them where they need to go. Well, I got about 6 cars, so I stopped what I was doing. It seemed the pile of PowerAde boxes of soda were balanced on the toy boxes and they chose that minute to collapse, knocking the rest of the toys onto the floor. Where else do the toys fall? Of course. They have to fall on the bottle that we use to hose down the outside windows. So now I have 6 cars waiting for orders, a collapsed set of soda boxes, and toy boxes everywhere, all getting wet from being sprayed by the hose that got knocked on. Not a good start to the day. It got better, though.

Why did we need to get 28 bags full of Happy Meal bags? We use maybe 2 bags of bags per day, at most. We'd need 14 bags, maybe, per week. Why do we have 28? *shakes head*

When I got my break, I ordered from Mrs. Eleanor. I ordered what I usually order, which is 2 4-Piece nuggets and a small fry. I could tell Mrs. Eleanor was tired because what she said while she punched up the order was, "OK... Two small fuh... feet." I was busting up over that one. That one is going in the "Mrs. Eleanor Hall of Fame Sayings" right next to "Slivered Almonds."

Frankie's currently playing with my tie, which is amusing, and something he's never done before. It's quite funny.

I've got 1 chapter of The Dispossessed to read yet and I'm done. It's quite a good book and I recommend it to anyone who wants a book recommendation.
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Shower, Shower, everywhere...

Same rules: Comment asking for 5 or asking me 5 more...

From tashkal (again...)

1) Have you seen both the UK Robot Wars with Craig Charles and the US one with Mick Foley/Joanie Laurer? If so, which do you prefer? If not, what is your favorite house robot?

I've seen numerous episodes of the UK version, my favorite being 5th Wars Heat H Semi-Finals, where Wheely Big Cheese flips Axe-Awe halfway across the arena. I've seen a couple of the US episodes. The format seems to be pretty much the same, so it's down to the hosts and the robots. I like the UK version best, though the US version seems to have beefier robots. I guess I just like Craig more than Mick.
My favorite house robot would be Matilda, as said in my poll in the robot_wars community.

2) What is your favorite Douglas Adams work?

Well, I've only read the 5 books of the Hitchhiker's Trilogy. I haven't read anything else by him. So, based on the Trilogy, I'll have to go for Life, The Universe, and Everything as my favorite Douglas Adam work.

3) In your opinion, has Trek not been the same since the Great Bird passed on?

That's not what I think it is. I think it hasn't been the same since Braga joined the boat. Post-passing, pre-Braga Trek was still good Trek to me.

4) Morgan, Jessica, Laura, or Cat? :) (Or other?)

I'm assuming you're referring to the "Babes of TechTV" with this question. Having not seen TechTV in a long while, I'm not sure who Jessica or Cat refer to. Therefore, it's down Morgan and Laura, in which Morgan wins by a bit.

5) Recommend an online comic (not already listed in my Other Stuff cell) to me, explaining why I'd like it.

Well, I agree with your choices of User Friendly and Irregular Webcomic.
Hrm... Well, I'm a big Sev freak, as you must know. It's quite good if you like sci-fi parodies.
I also like Real Life, which is quite good if you are a computer nerd.
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