March 4th, 2004

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NationStates troubles...

Our fine little region of Sev Space has been ambushed! Some weird "Neo Mafia Network" sent in a bunch of their flunkies and took over the region. Now, I was having fun playing the game, but they're starting to ruin it for me. Please help out Ruritania in kicking out these creeps so we can get back to our regularly scheduled game. Thank you.
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Might as well get these interviews done...

Same rules apply: Ask 5 more or ask for 5

From tashkal

1) What in the universe would you describe as "mostly harmless?"


2) Two of your favorite authors' works collide. What does the result look like?

Peter David meets Piers Anthony? Good Lord! It's scary to even think about Star Trek meeting Xanth.

3) Which was better: Star Trek: Nemesis or Star Trek: Insurrection?

Star Trek: Insurrection goes a little higher on my list.

4) Throwing back one of yours: you have a million dollars and an hour to use it (donations okay, banking not) -- how do you use it?

I buy the best computer I can (and some spare parts), pay off my parents' debts, then donate the rest to my church.

5) Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

The Shadow knows.

From cool_green_ivy

1) What is your favorite onomatopoeia (i.e., "crash," "zoink," "zoom")?


2) Who is your favorite Star Trek character? (This includes the books, movies, and all the TV shows.)

Data is highest on my list. Captain Calhoun comes in a close second.

3) Which book (non-Star Trek, :D) has most deeply impacted you?

The Bible.

4) What's the wackiest thing you heard this week?

I don't know... I haven't heard many wacky things this week. I've done a bunch of wacky things, but haven't heard much.

5) If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only have peanut butter or jelly, which would it be (and if it's jelly, what flavor)?

Peanut Butter would definitely be it. If I get to choose, I'd like crunchy and the honey-roasted kind.
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LiveJournal's being stupid and not e-mailing me comments! Stupid LiveJournal! *thwacks LJ*
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I finally found out how to manually edit my style and I've imported some features I liked from my old Generator style that were lost in the upgrade to the current Opal style. *compiles* "No errors" sounds good to me... *looks at page* Looks great to me... Yay!
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I finally beat Pokémon Trading Card Game again. The legendary cards are mine again. Now, to work on my decks some more. (My best deck is my fire deck, which is based around 4 Magmars, 4 Ponytas, and 4 Growlithes.)
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