March 12th, 2004

Live Long & Prosper, Birthday

Happy Birthday!

I have a special birthday wish for jennlee80! Jenny, my special friend who's near and dear to my heart, is turning 24 today. Have a safe and happy birthday, sweetie!

Also, it seems sluggypics has a birthday, but I'm not sure how a community has a birthday. Oh well.
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Quark, Thinking


I'm finally caught up with my friends page again. I was going to get those policies written today, but it's late and I don't feel like it right now. I'm going to get some more reading in, then go to sleep. At least it's Friday.

Side note: I keep hearing this clicking or crinkling behind me, but it goes away when I look. It's really soft, but it's annoying. I wonder what's causing it. It can't be Frankie because he's not in the room.
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Dang mutt!

Duchess, our 16 year-old German Shepherd, woke me up today after only 6 hours sleep with her whining downstairs. I tried to ignore it, but after a while, I couldn't. So, I go down to investigate. Apparently, she's fallen into the water bowl (AGAIN!) and has scooted across the floor with it. Well, I'm glad she didn't flip it over like all the other times, but it was still annoying. I picked her butt up and stuck her in the shower stall, then cleaned up the floor and dumped and cleaned the water. Then, I toweled her butt off and stuck her outside. It's chilly and very windy outside, so I hope she learns her lesson. I doubt it, though, because she hasn't yet. Anyway, now I can't bet back to sleep. I'm dead tired, but I can't sleep. Stupid mutt... *grumbles*
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Another Meme...

It's the "If you call me ___, then ___." meme!

If you call me Memo, then you know me from online.
If you call me Mike, then you know my name.
If you call me Michael, then you know my name and are being formal.
If you call me Memose, then you are Richard Schmertzler.
If you call me Jim Carrey, then you know me from McDonald's.
If you call me Kelso, then you're that girl that got fired from McDonald's.
If you call me Doofy, then you're one of those guys in that stupid gang that comes in every day.
If you call me Moore, then you know me from Boy Scouts.
If you call me Michelle, then you are jennlee80Jenny trying to be funny and you're going to get called "Jessica."
If you call me Mike Moron, then you're getting a punch in the face.
If you call me "Hey you!" then I'm probably not answering.
If you call me "Meow!" then you're Frankie and you're getting petted.
If you call me anything else, then I'm not even going to know you're calling me.
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