March 14th, 2004

Live Long & Prosper, Birthday

Movie Day

Well, we went and splurged today at BlockBuster. My dad bought about a dozen cheap videos and we rented 5 DVDs. I watched The Core with my parents, then watched Extreme Days by myself.

The Core was pretty cool and had half-way realistic science for a Sci-Fi movie. It had really good effects and the storyline was pretty good as well. The geode was one of the best scenes. I recommend it to anyone who's a Sci-Fi fan.

Extreme Days was half road trip, a quarter home movie, and a quarter extreme sports all rolled around a cool storyline. I especially liked the campsite fight and the supermarket racing. It's an all-around fun movie and I recommend it to just about everyone. It's good for all ages and all types of people.
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