March 17th, 2004

Live Long & Prosper, Birthday


Sorry, bovinator. In my slack of making journal entries, I missed your birthday.
But, I didn't miss the birthdays today of petra_aishae and morthum. Have a great birthday, you two!
I might as well get tomorrow's out of the way, while I'm at it. Happy birthday, tdp!
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Quark, Thinking


jennlee80Jenny said the funniest thing and I just have to post it. She'll kill me for this, but I don't care.

We were going to go see Return of the King but ended up finding out that it started too late, so we just went to the mall and walked around. Well, while looking for a parking spot, jennlee80Jenny was being her normal wacky self. So, I finally said to her, "You're nuts!"
How did she reply but with, "Yeah, but I'm your nuts." After she said that, we were both like, "What?!?!" She really needs to learn to think before she speaks. I bugged her the entire night about her being my nuts.
Don't worry. She got me back, though. After we went to the mall, we were bugging each other playfully, when she finally said, "You're going to walk home." I said, "No, I'm not." She said, "Yes, you are." I said, "I've still got my cell phone. I can call my mom. What are you going to do about that?" She said, "I'm going to smash it." So, I came back with my regular comeback, "And I'm going to lick you." Normally, that just grosses her out and she goes, "Ewwww...." However, she replied to it this time with, "Oh, you're going to lick your nuts, hunh?" We both cracked up laughing at that one.

*runs away from jennlee80Jenny chasing him with sharp things*
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