April 24th, 2004

Quark, Thinking


My computer is subliminally trying to get me to dance. And it's working.

I've got WinAmp on Random and it played the "Dance Country" remix of "Cotton-Eyed Joe" by Rednex. Now it's playing "Move It Like This" by Baha Men.


Edit: Now it's playing "Matzah #5" by Louie Bagel. This is eerie.
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    Baha Men - Move It Like This
Quark, Thinking

Serial Adders...

At least I found one with a statement to make, rather than just one who's just nuts with "LOOOK @ MI GINORMUS FREINDS LIST!!!!11!!!11`"

fag4jesus has apparently seen me as worthy to spam with friendage. While, yes, I agree that Jesus loves homosexuals as people, I deny that He loves homosexuality. So, here's another for the ban list, for two reasons, the serial adder thing being primary.

Edit: I love the "Console" feature of Semagic. Makes it so much easier to do stuff.
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    Avalon - By Heart, By Soul (With Aaron Neville)
Quark, Thinking


Why is it that I seem to feel like I have to sometimes censor myself in my own dang journal? I mean, I don't want people to get angry and upset and offended and whatnot, but this is MY journal with MY opinions and I'm free to use it however I want.

Read it or don't. I'm posting what I feel like posting, as I've said in several places around here.
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