May 20th, 2004

Live Long & Prosper, Birthday

Good news!

I've found out that Comet did well. They removed his tumor, which was the size of a golf ball and had completely engulfed his kidney. He's going to be fine. Thanks for all prayers.

Oh, and I got a haircut. Everyone liked it, but it didn't go off well at McDonald's. My new hair didn't compare in the slightest to Kristie's new boobs.
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Live Long & Prosper, Birthday

Well, that wasn't so good...

Just after I finished my online session this morning, the vet called and told us that Comet didn't live through the night. My mom's taking it hard and Galaxy's really starting to miss him. The vet said that he was alert and active after he came out of anesthesia, but he went to sleep last night and never woke up. My mom suspects renal failure due to the tumor swallowing the kidney for such a long time.

And for more sadness, my mom's scheduled Duchess, our 16-year-old dog to be put to sleep on Saturday. I'm not sure if she's firm with it, but Duchess isn't doing that well anyway. She can hardly walk by herself anymore. She's constantly falling and knocking stuff over.

We're not doing well with pets, are we?
Live Long & Prosper, Birthday


I'd forgotten I'd asked for this, since I did it so long ago. It was a nice surprise to receive in my inbox.

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Apparently, I'm closer to my Misc. Debris buds on LiveJournal than I am with my Sev buds. And, ironically, Jenny's on the outer fringes of this thing. Go figure.